Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
The credit union provides all members over the age of 18 with $1,000 of free Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (reduced to $500 when member reaches 70).

Any Hour Loan 24 hr Loan Service
Any Hour Loan makes applying for your next loan easier than ever before. When you need a loan, pick up your phone and dial 888-677-4363. It's that simple. A helpful Any Hour Loan operator will promptly help you complete your loan application by phone.

You can also receive current interest rate information and estimated loan payment amounts from Any Hour Loan operators. Any Hour Loan eliminate the need for you to apply in person or to have to wait to receive a loan application by mail. And, you can apply whenever it's convenient for you! Daytime, nighttime, at home or at work, it's your choice. After you've applied for your loan, the Credit Union will contact you promptly with an answer on your loan request. You can apply for a number of different types of loans by using Any Hour Loan

Apply by phone for any of these loans with Any Hour Loan:

  • New Vehicle Loans
  • Used Vehicle Loans
  • Recreational Vehicle Loans
  • Motorcycle Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Home Improvement Loans
  • Mobile Home Loans
  • Overdraft Loans
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Personal Line of Credit
  • Visa Credit Card
Automobile Blue Book Information
Consult the Credit Union for the average retail value of an automobile so you can make an informed buying (or selling) decision.

Courtesy Pay Overdraft Service
This new service allows us to pay an item presented for payment against your checking account, including ACH items, and Internet Bill Payer items. Effective June 22, 2005, your checking account will be authorized for Courtesy Pay Overdraft Service. While it is not an invitation to overdraw your account, it is an added layer of safety should you accidentally write checks more than you have in your account, or an inadvertent error causes the account to become overdrawn.

Courtesy Pay Overdraft Service adds up to $500 overdraft limit to your checking account. Both the amount of any overdrafts and applicable fees are included in this overdraft limit of $500. If you overdraw your account and you meet the Courtesy Pay Overdraft criteria, we may pay each check up to your $500 limit. Your account will be assessed a Courtesy Pay Overdraft charge of $25 for each item we pay against an overdrawn account.
  • There are many benefits to you with this new authorization.

  • You can avoid high charges from merchants for returned checks.

  • You have new convenience and flexibility managing your funds.

  • You avoid embarrassment of checks returned due to insufficient funds.

  • You have the added measure of safety protecting your good credit rating.

We require no applications or additional signatures from you to add this new safety measure to your checking account; eligibility is based on you managing your checking account in a responsible manner. If you have existing overdraft protection from your savings or line of credit, we will assess those funds for payment prior to Courtesy Pay Overdraft consideration. Checks presented to a teller are not eligible for Courtesy Pay Overdraft Service. Courtesy Pay Overdraft Service is simply a way for us to provide a higher level of service to our members by helping protect their account and reputation.

Please see Courtesy Pay Overdraft Disclosure

To opt out of Courtesy Pay Overdraft Service, contact us at (518) 725-3191 and inform us of your wish to be removed from the program.

Direct Deposit
Have your paycheck, Social Security or pension check sent directly to your credit union account without delay. It's the safest, most convenient way to deposit your money.

Long-Term Care Insurance
Fulton County Federal Credit Union members and their families can receive a discount when purchasing Long-Term Care Insurance through our plan administrators, New York Long-Term Care Brokers, Ltd.

Long-Term Care Insurance allows you to safeguard your assets, preserve your way of life, and protect your family from the devastating financial and emotional burden of a long-term care event.

Fulton County Federal Credit Union is constantly looking for ways to provide needed services to its members and their families. In this case, FCFCU has teamed up with NYLTCB and their team of highly trained long-term care planning professionals. They handle a wide range of policies with top rated insurance companies. Policies are available that cover skilled, intermediate, and custodial care in a nursing home as well as at home, in assisted living and adult day care facilities.

Fulton County Federal Credit Unions representative at New York Long-Term Care Brokers, Ltd. will answer your questions and provide essential information and sound advice. Dont wait to learn about this important coverage. With Federal and State tax incentives and the Fulton County Federal Credit Union Member Discount, this coverage is more affordable than ever.

For more information or for a no-obligation quote, contact your representative, Brian M. Johnson, at 518-371-5522 ext. 154 or email him at Brian holds his certification in Long-Term Care (CLTC) and is registered with the NYS Partnership for Long-Term Care.

To learn more about Long-Term Care Insurance visit:

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Night Deposit Box
For deposits after hours.

Notary Public Service
Next time you need to have a document notarized, be sure to stop by the credit union office. It's free.

Payroll Deduction
If you are an employee on payroll, you can enjoy the convenience of payroll deduction. Through payroll deduction, you can make deposits to savings, IRA and club accounts - even make loan payments without ever entering the credit union office.

Touchtone Teller
Make transactions anytime, any day, from any touch tone phone. There is no fee to use the Touch Tone Teller.

Wherever you are, whenever you need to make transactions or get information on your accounts, just pick up the nearest touch phone. Dial 518-725-3191 and you've got a teller at your fingertips. The service is on us.

Easy To Use / Completely Secure
You will discover transaction codes are no longer needed. Our new system will guide you through the available features for the account number that you enter.

Starting Your Call
Dial: (518) 725-3191
Select option "2"
You will hear:
Welcome to Fulton County Federal Credit Union's Touch Tone Teller...

For Transaction and Account Information:
Select option "1"
Enter your account number
Enter your pin (access) number

Other Options
Select option "2" for General Information
(ATM information, CU information)
Select option "3" for Product Information
(Savings and Loan Information)
Select option "4" for More Choices
(Change you pin)

For Cross Account Transfers:
For security reasons you must sign up for this specific feature before you can use it. Please see a Member Service Representative.

Touch Tone Teller Tips:
  • The last four digits of the primary account holder's social security number is your pin (access) code unless you have changed it.
  • When Touch Tone Teller refers to: "between accounts" "to another account" "to or from one of your accounts"
  • It is referring to your sub-shares of that account
  • Remember to use the * key as your decimal point.
  • To speak with a Member Service Representative press "0" You can return to the main menu by pressing the "#" key
  • To repeat your choices press the * key
  • Remember to write down your Reference Number when you have completed a transaction.
Travelers Cheques and Money Orders
Available at a nominal fee.

Visa Check Card
Visa Check Card - The ATM Card that works like a check.
With the Fulton County Federal Credit Union Visa Check Card, you can enjoy a whole new level of banking and shopping convenience. Now you can pay for your purchases without cash, without checks and without credit cards. At the same time, have quick and easy access to cash and your Fulton County Federal Credit Union checking account 24 hours a day. All with one amazing card!
Click here for more details

Visa Credit Card
Apply for a Credit Union Visa card with a low fixed rate (APR), no annual fee and credit lines available from $500 - $7,700.

Apply On-line: Credit Card

Verified by Visa - Provides an extra level of protection for online (Internet) shopping.