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Loan Accounts

FCFFCU loans are offered at reasonable interest rates and are available to help you meet most major expenses. In addition, we offer 24 hour approval in most cases..

You can now apply on-line:  Consumer/Home Equity Loan List |Mortgage Web Center

New Autos
Loans are available for purchasing new cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles or trucks. New vehicles can be financed for up to five years. Special six year loans are available for vehicles costing more than $15,000.

Used Autos
Five-year loans are available for one- and two-year-old vehicles. Four-year loans are available for for three- and four-year-old vehicles. Three year loans are available for vehicles five- years and older.

Line of Credit
Borrow what you need when you need it. Apply for a line of credit for maximum flexibility.

Share Secured
Funds in your regular share or certificate accounts may be used as collateral for loans at a lower rate than most other loans.
You can now apply on-line: Secured

Unsecured Loan
You can now apply on-line: Unsecured

Home Improvement
Borrow the funds you need for that remodeling or building project you have in mind.

Mortgages & Home Equity
FCFFCU offers a full range of fixed and variable rate first and second mortgages to enable you to buy or refinance a home in New York State.

Apply for a loan that's backed by your signature alone - no security necessary - and finance it for up to five years.

Click here to link to the Student Loan Network for information and applications.

Apply for a credit union VISA card with a low rate APR, no annual fee, no cash advance fee, and credit lines available from $500-$15,000.

As an existing card holder you may request a copy of the Credit Card Agreement and Credit Card Account Opening Disclosure via the following methods:
By calling (518) 725-3191 or email to:
  • Grace period for repayment of the balance for purchases - You have 25 days to repay your balance for purchases before a finance charge will be imposed.
  • Method of computing the balance for purchases - Average Daily Balance (excluding new purchases)
  • Annual fees - 0.00
  • Minimum finance charge - 0.00
  • Transaction fee for purchases - 0.00 for domestic purchases
  • Visa Check Fee - 0.00
  • Transaction fee for cash advances - 0.00
  • Late payment fee - $15.00
  • Over-the-credit-limit fee - 0.00
  • Foreign Transaction Fee - 1% of transaction amount
    (1.00% of each multiple currency transaction in US Dollars) and (0.80% of each single currency transaction in US Dollars)
  • Returned Payment Fee - $25.00
You can now apply on-line: Credit Card

FCFFCU offers low-cost member-elect Credit Life Insurance on certain loan products.

FCFFCU also offers borrowers low-cost temporary disability insurance. If you become temporarily disabled, the insurance carrier will pay your loan payments if you are disabled for 30 days with benefits retroactive to the 1st day of your disability. (Refer to insurance certificate for complete provisions.)

There is never a prepayment penalty should you pay off your loans early, and you may make partial loan payments at any time.

For the utmost in convenience, you can arrange to have your loan payments made automatically from a credit union account.